Another Jesus Photo For Ian
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9 Comments Another Jesus Photo For Ian - 10-05-2006 23:04:32
I made my first post to this blog on Oct. 12th last year. There is of course the Old HTML Blog that has been up since Feb. of 2002, but this new incarnation is about to turn ONE YEAR OLD. So far I've posted 212 photos. That also means that I've written 212 entries as well. I just read about halfway through all of them. Three things came to mind. 1. I'm enjoying the photos I've been taking for the most part. 2. I bitch about stuff(mostly money) way too fucking much! 3. I'm starting to worry about where this thing is going. I'm a person that will waste an entire night reading and interesting blog. I'm not sure everyone is like that. I worry that with this thing being 212 pages deep, there's no way most people will ever see it all and definitely not read it all. And it's only going to get worse. I'm not sure why I care really. I guess it probably has to do with my ego. I want people to see my work but as it turns out I'm too fucking lazy/unsure of myself to do whatever it takes to make that happen so I'm going the easy route by posting stuff on the interwebs. Novel approach I know. There's only 19,619 photoblogs registered at as of this post. Anyway... help out my fragile ego by linking to me and telling all of your friends please. Canon EOS 20D
15 mm
1/400 sec
f 8
ISO 100