Happy New Year!
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4 Comments Happy New Year! - 01-02-2007 23:36:10
We survived. Barely though. Eloise seems to be getting sick now and I barely made it home. We got about 20 minutes down the road towards home before I pulled off for a bit because I was literally sick and tired. Letting Eloise drive for a few minutes perked me up enough that I made it the rest of the way home though. I love you more than anything baby, but damn! ;) The short version...
Roughly a hundred people(I could be waaay off) in a beautiful camp on the ocean fairly insulated from the rest of the world and fully stocked with booze and party favors. I might post more about the trip later once I have some time to edit my photos and remember have someone remind me of all of the highlights of the weekend.
Canon EOS 20D
15 mm
1/60 sec
f 4
ISO 800