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2 Comments Bob - 05-24-2007 19:54:54
That's Danny in the white suit and that's Bob being held by Danny. Me and the Blondie(in the background) frequent a message board inhabited by Bob(as well as quite a few other folks). We've never actually met Bob, but I don't think you're required to have met Bob in order to enjoy Bob. There is a particular photo of Bob that gets used for all kinds of Photoshop silliness. Another inhabitant of this message board took it upon themselves to make a Warhol-like image from the photo of Bob. Yet another board member had patches made. Lot's of patches! Now there is a thread on this board called "Where Has Your Bob Been?". People take their Bob patches everywhere with them and photograph Bob doing all sorts of things. Since I had just got my new lens(the Canon 24mm f1.4L I was talking about) yesterday I was dying to go somewhere dark to try it out. Since the Happy Hour wasn't open we ended up at the Whistle Stop where I photographed Bob being Bob. Canon EOS 20D
24 mm
1/30 sec
f 1.4
ISO 1600