Things Change
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1 Comments Things Change - 09-18-2009 22:16:01
Eloise has moved to LA to go to school. We decided quite a few months ago that her move would also mark the end of our relationship. Of course we are still friends and I still love her dearly, but things change ya know. We would have been together for 5 years at the beginning of October. It's already set in stone that this will have been the best 5 years of my life when it's all said and done. I love you baby!

That said, it's time to get on with whatever is next. This is the perfect time for me evaluate where I'm at and what I'm doing with my life. Changes are on the way for sure. What they are remains to be seen, but you'll be the first to hear about them right here ;)
Canon EOS 40D
85 mm
1/500 sec
f 2.5
ISO 100